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AI and big data consulting services

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I advise your organization on how to best use AI and how to implement your AI strategy. With your domain experts, I will identify the right AI techniques such as Deep Learning for your organization and build a software/system architecture. Also, I coach individuals and provide tailored on-site group training for your engineers, domain experts or managers on AI topics.


AI Consultancy

AI Business Strategy

On-Site AI Courses & Coaching

Deep Learning Engineering

Machine Learning

AI System Engineering

AI Project Management

Anomaly Detection

Predictive Analysis


Causation Discovery

Explorative Data Analysis

Statistical Modelling

Probabilistic Programming


Rainforest Connection: Silicon Valley NGO with the mission to save the rainforests

Redheads: German Consultancy with a focus on industrial & financial industry

O'Reilly Media


University of Cambridge: Law

“CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence” by the University of California, Berkeley; final grade 100%

“Data Science” course by Johns Hopkins University

“MAS.S69x Big Data and Social Physics” by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“MITx: 15.071x The Analytics Edge” by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; final grade: 98%

Highest Distinction for “Geography of American Music” for “Exploratory Data Analysis” by Dean Eckles, Moira Burke, Chris Saden, Solomon Messing (Facebook analysts)

“Intro to Statistics” by Sebastian Thrun (Professor of CS, Stanford University): “With Highest Distinction”

“CS191.1x Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation” by the University of California, Berkeley; final grade: 96%.

“Machine Learning” course in Matlab by Andrew Ng (Associate Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University); final grade: 100%

“Automata” by Jeffrey Ullman (Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University); final grade: 95%


War and Peace Project: Research on Public International Law

Buddhist Meditation